Jarred Krom is an American professional photographer, film director, writer, and photojournalist. His work has involved documentary, lifestyle, and adventure photography, corporate videography for global companies, producing and directing narrative short films, and fundraising for a Native American-led nonprofit.
Since adding 4+ years of invaluable experience to his résumé at Hofstra University, Jarred's worked closely with published photographers Marjorie Pillar, Barbara Jaffe, and Susannah Ray, as well as professional filmmakers William Jennings, George Nicholas, Russell Harbaugh, Blake Z. Larson, and Lawles Bourque III. He's collaborated with many up-and-coming producers, directors, and cinematographers, most recently releasing his award-winning short film, "Cabin Fever".
Jarred ultimately takes inspiration from his childhood travels across the United States to nurture his eye behind the camera and screen. He aims to use photography and filmmaking as a platform to explore unique parts of this planet, share its compelling stories, and ultimately inspire others to appreciate the world around us.