Jarred Krom is an award winning photographer and filmmaker originally from New Tripoli, Pennsylvania. Jarred's work thus far has been shown in galleries and film festivals around the New York City metropolitan area. As a photographer, he's explored all his life to nurture an eye for capturing natural beauty, most recently traveling to Accra, Ghana during the New Year of 2020. As a filmmaker, he's collaborated with a wide range of young up and coming film directors and cinematographers, most recently starting post-production on his latest project, "Cabin Fever".
Jarred is a recent graduate of Hofstra University with formal studies in Photography, Film Studies & Production, Psychology, and Sociology. He worked as a teaching assistant for introductory film classes under professors George Nicholas and William Jennings, as well as an administrative assistant to the Film Production department during his senior year. He has studied under photographers such as Marjorie Pillar, Barbara Jaffe, and Susannah Ray, and filmmakers such as William Jennings, George Nicholas, and Russell Harbaugh.
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